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Peace of Mind Restored

"Tauber was very knowledgeable! He kept me informed of my options and let me know what was most likely to happen in each scenario. Tauber gave me peace of mind back. He handled my case very professionally and was able to secure a very good deal for me in order to dismiss the pending charge. I definitely recommend him and will continue to use his services as needed. I'm very thankful I was able to find such a great lawyer to represent me."

-Anonymous Client

Thorough and Prompt

"Tauber told me exactly what to expect and seemed to make an embarassing and uncomfortable situation go smoothly and as predicted. My questions were answered thoroughly and my calls were answered or returned promptly. He treated me and my family with respect and dignity. I recommend him to anyone looking for a good lawyer in just about any legal matter. He really knows his stuff!"

-DUI Client

So Incredibly Helpful to Me

"Marshall Tauber was 100% professional and so incredibly helpful to me. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. Marshall answered any and every single question I had with pure honesty and confidence. I never once felt worried that he didn’t have an answer for me, or that he would let me down. He knows exactly what he is doing. Thank you so much for all of your help, Marshall."

-Lauren G.

Completely Confident with Him by My Side

"Marshall is an AWESOME lawyer! He is so kind. He really showed he cared and did everything he could to make sure things went smoothly for me. I felt completely confident with him by my side. Definitely recommend!"

-Angela M.

Highly Recommend for Any Lawyer Needs

"Greatest team I could ask for I highly recommend for any lawyer needs that your looking for."

-Greg W.