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It goes without saying that domestic violence is a serious situation that no one should have to face. Victims of domestic violence should seek help right away as their lives could be at stake. People who impose physical, emotional, and/or mental harm on others need to get just as much help as the victims, if not more.

Repercussions of Domestic Abuse

But, what happens when a person accused of domestic violence is not guilty? Their reputation could be completely tarnished and their livelihood could suffer a severe negative impact. Because the connotation of being accused of domestic violence is so heavy, it's not uncommon for people to just believe the word of the complaining witness without even considering the response of the person accused of domestic assault.

If this seems like a familiar situation, you will need an strong attorney with the reputation, credentials and experience to advocate for your best outcome. There are several reasons why someone may be unjustly accusing you of domestic violence.  It could be as simple as a little misunderstanding or as complex as a bitter ex-partner attempting to ruin your life. Whatever the reason, hiring an attorney who is experienced in making efforts to seek the most favorable results is of primary importance.

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Get Smart and Strategize

Recognize the signs. - In these situations, more often than not, the person falsely accusing you of domestic violence may be suffering emotional or mental instability, unwilling to face the facts or, failing to have sufficient emotional judgment to deal with feelings can sometimes cause people to act irrationally. Protect yourself by locking up any and all valuable documents your accuser may be able to access and change all of your passwords on digital devices and platforms. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your accuser wouldn’t ever do anything to cause any real trouble in your life because if they’re really hurt, anything is possible.

Pinpoint the motive. - As ironic as it sounds, your accuser has a reason for falsely accusing you of domestic abuse. It's important to discover what that reason is in order to establish a motive for lying. Maybe they don’t know how to process the breakup or they’re looking to get revenge from an affair. It could even be that you’re deadlocked in a child custody, child support or divorce proceeding where allegations of domestic violence are used as a tactic for things to go their way. Whatever it may be, figuring out the reason behind the claim can be crucial.

Talk to people. - This isn’t about gossip or lies. This is about informing people who know you, and if possible, know the other party, about what’s going on. If your case ends up in court, they might be character witnesses who could speak on your behalf. Also, it’s not uncommon for people to turn against you if the first time they hear about any troubles comes from the accuser. By keeping them informed from the beginning, they can be prepared.

Domestic Violence Defense in Oakland County

Over the past 34 years I have acquired the skills and experience you need for your defense in domestic violence matters. Being accused of harming someone in your home is a serious matter and situations may not be as clear as they seem. Please allow me to defend your name and help you through the unfortunate situation in which you, your loved one, or your family member, has become involved. Contact me to schedule a consultation today.