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Losing your Michigan driving privileges is a tough blow to take, and the main aim of the Law Offices of  Marshall Tauber is to help you get your license restored as quickly and effectively as possible. With a history of success that dates back to 1982, Mr. Tauber has represented thousands of clients involved in driving license suspensions and revocations, helping to regain driving privileges for Michigan residents as well as for drivers whose Michigan License was suspended or revoked and who now reside in other states.  Our services in the area of license revocations or suspensions extends to all clients whose Michigan Drivers License has been suspended or revoked regardless of  where the client currently lives.

Successful Drivers License Restoration Attorney

While driver’s licenses can be suspended, restricted or revoked for various violations, attorney Marshall S. Tauber has significant experience assisting clients with the most difficult cases where their licenses have been revoked because of  two or more alcohol or drug-related driving convictions. A license revocation is the most serious action the state can take against an individual’s driving privileges, it terminates your license along with your privilege to operate any motor vehicle upon the roads of this state.

Restoring your license after a revocation is never an automatic guarantee, which is why you may need the assistance of a successful drivers license restoration attorney like Marshall S. Tauber. With his extensive knowledge of Michigan driving laws and the related legal processes, Mr. Tauber’s representation can play a key role in regaining and restoring your license and driving privileges.

Marshall S. Tauber: Experience at Your Side

The law imposes difficult conditions that typically require drivers to wait at least one year to even apply for a license restoration after the first revocation. They generally must wait five years to reapply if they face a second revocation within seven years of the first revocation. The laws are stringent and the restoration process complex.

Depending on your specific case, a number of specific conditions and requirements must be met before license restoration may even be considered.  Detailed paperwork and documentation must be gathered and submitted to the court or, to the Secretary of State administrative hearings section, in the manner and form that meets all of their detailed requirements.  Having a knowledgeable attorney on your side is essential to assure success throughout this process and greatly increases the chances that you’ll regain your license and driving privileges sooner rather than later.

Knowledge, Experience, Compassion

Deep knowledge of the law and legal processes are vitally important when choosing a lawyer, but they are not the only criteria you should look for.  An equally important element is the way an attorney interacts with his or her clients. With a long history of quality, professional service and the commitment to providing each client with personal attention he or she deserves, attorney Marshall S. Tauber combines knowledge and experience with compassion.

Be assured that all clients who contact or visit the office are treated with dignity, respect, understanding and with a firm commitment to protect their privileges and rights. For more information, contact the Law Offices of Marshall S. Tauber today.