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If you, or your loved one, faces charges in Michigan, attorney Marshall Tauber is here to help. Whether the charge is driving under the influence, a drug or fraud offense, or, an accusation charging a violent crime, rely on Marshall to provide a vigorous defense. Contact our Bloomfield Hills Law Office today to arrange a consultation.

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Facing criminal charges can be daunting, and having a seasoned attorney by your side is essential. The right legal professional understands the law’s complexities and can provide a robust defense strategy. Quick action can mean the difference between freedom and conviction.

Marshall S. Tauber brings over four decades of legal practice to the table, offering clients a deep understanding of criminal law as both a practitioner and an instructor at the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan Trial College. With a strong record of successful case resolutions, he stands ready to protect your rights and work toward reducing or eliminating the charges you are facing.

Defend Against DUI Charges

A DUI accusation threatens your license, reputation and freedom. An attorney can critically assess the evidence, questioning its validity and the circumstances of your arrest. They can challenge breath test accuracy, field sobriety tests and traffic stop legality.

Marshall leverages his years of criminal law experience to negotiate with prosecutors, aiming to reduce or dismiss charges. His proactive approach can significantly alter the case’s direction, focusing on minimizing penalties and safeguarding your future.

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